Университеты Германии

PFH Private University of Applied Science - Foundation

The PFH Private University of Applied Sciences is a private and state-recognized university of applied sciences with locations in Göttingen and Stade and offers both face-to-face and distance learning courses. Specializations include Economics, Engineering and Healthcare Technology.


Business & Management
Foundation to General Management (B.Sc.), Business Psychology (B.Sc.),
Engineering & Technology
Foundation to Verbundwerkstoffe / Composites (B.Eng.)
Pharmacy, Health and Life Sciences
Foundation to Psychology (B.Sc.), Orthobionics (B.Sc.)

Tuition & Cost

The costs listed below are an estimate based on what most students pay. The final price for tuition, housing and other expenses will vary based on program, English level, housing selection and other factors. For more exact pricing, please contact our advisors.
€ 23,856
Average cost per year
€ 8,564
€ 7,646
€ 7,646